Dropbox, Gmail and Cameras – What’s New in the World of Filebolt?

Dropbox, Gmail and Cameras – What’s New in the World of Filebolt?

Posted on October 15th, 2018

2018 is certainly going to be a year to remember, and for a number of reasons. For Filebolt it has been a busy year as we’ve been hard at work adding new features to our product – all designed to help keep your digital assets safe and secure. Here’s a quick rundown of what they include.

Dropbox Integration

Dropbox is pretty much the tool to have when it comes to cloud storage (> 500 million users and counting). It’s perfect for backing up files or making more space available on your phone. A lot of people use it to store personal or sensitive information, so it’s imperative that things be as secure as possible.

With this in mind we’ve developed a Dropbox Filebolt integration. It’s quick and easy to use – all you need to do is set up a Filebolt folder in your Dropbox account and your files will be as safe as houses!

Filebolt Gmail Extension

Email is part and parcel of everyday life for most people. In fact latest figures show that the average officer worker receives over 120 of them a day! Even if you ignore the spam emails from your long lost uncle in Nigeria, requesting your bank details so he can send you your billion dollar inheritance, there is a lot of information exchanged via email.

And much like Dropbox, a lot of the information that moves via email is private or highly sensitive. So to help keep your information safe we’ve also added a Filebolt extension for Gmail. Installing this only takes 30 seconds, and you can then encrypt your email attachments at the click of a button, straight from your email.

Filebolt Camera Integration

Pretty much everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and one of the main things we use them for is taking photos. In fact about 1.2 trillion digital photos are taken a year. But again, this also means that you’re more susceptible to hacks and informations leaks than ever.

The solution?

Enter Filebolt’s camera integration! We’ve developed a new feature that allows you to encrypt your photos and videos as soon as you take them, straight on your phone. It works with both Android and iOS.

We have plenty of other features in the pipeline, so stay tuned to our blog for more announcements soon.