About Filebolt

What is Filebolt?
Filebolt is an application that lets you encrypt (bolt) your files. This way they are unreadable to anyone else. Even if the the file services you use gets hacked or your device stolen or lost.

Why would I need it?
Our stuff is getting more and more digitalized and hackers getting better by the day. Using cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud etc. does not secure your files in case of a cyber attack or when passwords are compromised.

You probably already lock your home, cars, bike, physical devices and credit cards. It’s time to start doing this with your digital property as well.

My files are behind a password already. Why would I need to bolt them?
Unfortunately, secured services get hacked, password stolen and devices lost. This is not that uncommon and, after a breach, the bad guys can reach your files.

What is bolting?
Bolting means securing your file with Filebolt. Simply drag & drop your files. And there you have it – your files can be opened by your and the people you give access to.

What is a Filebolt?
Filebolt is a secured folder where you can put your files in. You can have as many Filebolts as you want for different use.

What is unbolting?
Unbolting means opening files you or someone else has bolted. After unbolting a file with a tap, you can use them as any other file.

My device is locked. Why worry if it gets stolen?
Once again, the bad guys are relentless and smart. With the right tools, files can be exported from even locked devices such as laptops, phones and tablets.

I don’t need Filebolt for I have nothing to hide!
And you are ready to share your files with anyone in the world? Good for you! In this case, you do not need Filebolt.

Using Filebolt

How do I start using Filebolt?
Sign up at filebolt.com, choose your plan and download the app. First 30 days are always free. From there on, a monthly fee is charged from your payment card. See plans and prices.

Unbolting (opening) files someone else has bolted is always free. All you need to do is download the app.

I got an Filebolt protect file in email, how can I open the file?

Just install Filebolt client application by downloading it from the website, and you can open the encrypted files using Filebolt client application. Either double click the bolted file in the email, or save to file to disk, start filebolt client application and select “Open bolted file…”.

Can I share my bolted files?
Of course! Bolted files work just as any other file format. To let other people see your bolted files, share the file using email or dropbox etc and give them sharing password.

How can I share a bolted file in Dropbox?
Easiest way to share a bolted file is to open Filebolt client application and drag’n drop a file from Filebolt application to Dropbox.

If you have Dropbox client installed on your computer, you can also create new Filebolt folder, and locate it inside your Dropbox folder. This way, the encrypted Filebolt files are automatically synchronized by Dropbox.

How can I share a bolted file with email?

Files can be shared from Filebolt app by selecting a file and then selecting share from menu and selecting email. Mac and Windows apps let you share files by simply drag and dropping a file from the app to email client or browser.

Which platforms are supported?

Filebolt client application works on Windows 7 and later, Mac OS X 10.11 and later, Android 4.4 and later, iOS 9.3 and later.

Can Envault see my files?

Absolutely no. The files or encrypted files are never stored on Filebolt server.

Can Envault decrypt my files?

Envault does not store your password in the server. Only If you choose to store recovery key in the server, Envault servers have information that can be used to open the files. Still, Envault does not have access to the encrypted files and cannot decrypt your data.

I have lost my password, how can I recover my files?

If you have enabled password recovery in the client client, you can start password recovery process by selecting “Forgot your password” in the Filebolt password prompt screen. If you haven’t enabled password recovery, or haven’t printed or stored the recovery key, there’s no way to recover the files. However, if you have sharing keys available to some of your files or folders, you may use them to recover the individual files.

Can my business use Filebolt?
Yes you can! Filebolt lets you secure and share stuff within smaller businesses too.
Running an enterprise or a bigger organisation? For stronger stuff, get to know our data security solutions at envault.fi.

Isn’t all of this too much hassle?
We don’t think so. Bolting a file takes 5 seconds. 5 seconds for a lifetime of digital protection and peace of mind.

How do you encrypt my files?
Filebolt uses military grade encryption called Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
You can read more about the specification here.

What is .filebolt file extension
Filebolt uses .filebolt extension for encrypted Filebolt files. Files can be opened using Filebolt application and password.