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The news:
Cross-platform file security service Filebolt™ is launched at Artic15 in Helsinki to help technology users around the world protect their digital property – wherever it is.

Product Name:

Company behind:
Envault Corporation, Headquartered in Espoo, Finland

Envault Corporation has been providing its enterprise and governmental customers with military-grade information security and encryption technologies for servers and communications technologies since 2007. A consumer project began in the end of 2015 to make the same uncompromised and field-tested security available to everyone.

File encryption and vaulting technologies have been around for a while, but mainstream users have traditionally found them too complex to use. FILEBOLT™ is the end result of a challenge to make to make the most user friendly and comprehensive file security/Encryption service on the market.

Product mission and value statement:
Unlike other file encryption products and services, FILEBOLT™ is a cross-platform file protection service that combines enterprise-grade protection with single click functionality. FILEBOLT™ stands for everyone´s individual right to safeguard their own digital property against hacking and to maintain privacy – even if the storage medium or service where the file is kept is breached.

Why FILEBOLT™? Why now?
Our property is increasingly digital – and widely-dispersed across our laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and cloud storage and sharing services. Hackers and cyber criminals massively bombard these services and web applications for higher rewards, and as can be seen in the news, they occasionally succeed. This is why your digital property needs an extra layer of – this is why FILEBOLT™ is needed.

We believe that you – and you alone – should have total control of your own digital property. From confidential and valuable documents to private photos and videos – this is your property. Just like your home, cars, credits cards and other belongings, your files need to stay safe.

How does it work?
Users can add an extra layer of protection to any files being saved on any web based service by using FILEBOLT™. FILEBOLT™ encrypts and password-protects the file, keeping it intact even if the service or location is breached.

Who is FILEBOLT™ for?
As an easy to use, affordable, subscription based cross-platform service, FILEBOLT works extremely for mainstream and non-technical users like consumers, prosumers, and small-and mid-sized companies.

Use case examples

  • When using cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, ICloud etc.
  • When using file sharing services like We Transfer, FileShare etc.
  • When protecting confidential and valuable files like financial contracts, testaments, password lists etc.
  • When working on confidential projects and using collaboration with clients.
  • When attaching files to web based communications applications like webmail, Gmail etc.
  • When working on confidential projects.
  • When using a USB or other external hard drives that can be lost.
  • When protecting your Intellectual Property Rights.
  • To meet compliance requirements set by clients.

Key Features:

ENTERPRISE-GRADE ENCRYPTION – FILEBOLT™ uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). This highest level of encryption ensures that files bolted with FILEBOLT™ are 100% unreadable to anyone else.

CROSS PLATFORM – One service that works across any file format, operating system, device and (cloud) service / Web application.

ONE-CLICK FUNCTIONALITY – Intuitive, One-click, drag & drop functionality to bolt the files.

MULTI-DEVICE SUBSCRIPTION – One subscription for multiple devices – mobile or desktop.

HIGHEST INTEGRITY – Designed for the highest user privacy by not storing any user information on FILEBOLT™ servers, with no system back doors.

PASSPHRASE PROTECTION – Add or change passphrases to all bolted files in one service instead of setting/managing multiple passwords across different services, applications, or file formats.

Filebolt is an easy-to-use cross platform file protection app that secures all your files using military grade encryption technology. Give your friends and colleagues access to your secured files by simply sharing unique sharing password in the application. It works on iOS, Android, OS X and Windows. Filebolt desktop versions lets you password protected Filebolts, where you can store your files protected by master password. You can create separate filebolts on portable drives, network drive or cloud shared folder. Each filebolt file and folder will get unique sharing password that can be used to easily share protected files to your friends and colleagues. Free version lets you encrypt single files, and open all Filebolt files. 30 day free trial is available with full features.

2,99 EUR / month
29,90 EUR / year

How to get started?

Go to, GooglePlay for Android or the AppStore for iOS to download a free 30-day trial or to subscribe to the service.

Fact Sheet

Download Filebolt Fact Sheet here





Brand Guidelines

Download Brand Guidelines here


Windows App

Windows App Screenshot

iPhone screenshot

iPhone screenshot


Seamless cross platform

Seamless cross platform

Security Layers

Security Layers

Company and people BIOs

Yrjö Hyvärinen, CEO

Yrjö has a broad +20 years background in multicultural environment in Europe and Asia. International sales and business development positions both in ICT and telecom industry at companies such as Crelint Oy, Wipro Technologies and Nokia Corporation.

jariJari Hautio, CTO

Jari has +15 years of experience in developing software in areas of security, telecommunications and military. He is M.Sc (Tech) in Computer Science. He has passion for programming and thrives for software that makes life easier.


(Marketing) Ari Vänttinen, CMO at Comptel

Board of Directors and investors:
Antti Sinisalo
CEO at VTT Ventures Oy
Chairman of the board
Major shareholder (VTT Ventures Oy)

Ilkka Hiidenheimo
Former Stonesoft owner and CEO
Major shareholder and board member

magnus-kuvaMagnus Ehrnrooth
Shareholder and board member

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