Meet the CEO – Yrjö Hyvärinen

Meet the CEO – Yrjö Hyvärinen

Posted on June 2nd, 2017

Yrjö Hyvärinen

Name: Yrjö Hyvärinen

Position: Envault CEO, Filebolt Evangelist

Experience: 25 years in IT, past 5 years in IT security

Hi, Yrjö. Why is encryption important to you?

Good question. Put simply, encryption protects confidential information from being seen by unwanted eyes. Currently, there is a gap between the technology and users – for instance, I just read an article in Wired that said the NSA is still using magnetic tapes. How do you encrypt magnetic tapes? Put another way, encryption is not easily – or widely – available for people, and yet it is essential in today’s cloud-based, post WikiLeaks world.

It’s also interesting how the nature of encryption has changed. As recently as 5 years ago, IT security was viewed as service access protection. Today however, companies and consumers use technologies outside their direct control – cloud services, user-owned mobile devices, therefore it is essential data is control and secured where it is stored – and cross platform applications are the best way to do it.

Was this the inspiration for Filebolt?

In my time at Envault, every discussion we had regarding cloud services and file sharing ended up at the same question: should files I store remotely be secured somehow, and if so, how can I do this. This equally applies to businesses, digital professionals and members of the public. Through many discussions, our team gradually came to realize there was a real need for a consumer/prosumer product like Filebolt that offers easy-to-use, robust file encryption.

Why do you believe in Filebolt?

It solves a critical problem many people face when using web-based applications/services: what happens if the service is hacked? By protecting individual files, your information will remain safe, even if the files fall into the wrong hands. That’s why our team is so critical to Filebolt’s success – our blend of design/user experience thinking and a deep understanding of encryption technology has allowed us to develop a product that people both need and enjoy using.

What did you learn during Filebolt’s development?

As our first consumer product, we came to realize that usability and simplicity were essential to form a compelling user experience – why create an encryption app that is boring and difficult to use? Everything from Filebolt’s look to its security capabilities had to be in balance, as consumers will quickly move to the newest thing if you don’t capture their attention. We also had a crash course in consumer marketing – it’s super important to reach them through the right channels!

Where do you see personal encryption being in the future? What’s around the corner?

As people move their digital lives further into the cloud, the usage of web-based services will only increase. Digital privacy will become increasingly important in the next few years, especially when people realize they have to take action to protect their digital property – the service providers can only do so much. Time to take charge of your digital property!