Filebolt overview

What is Filebolt?

Key features

  • ENTERPRISE-GRADE ENCRYPTION – FILEBOLT™ uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). This highest level of encryption ensures that files bolted with FILEBOLT™ are 100% unreadable to anyone else.
  • CROSS PLATFORM – One service that works across any file format, operating system, device and (cloud) service / Web application.
  • ONE-CLICK FUNCTIONALITY – Intuitive, One-click, drag & drop functionality to bolt the files.
  • MULTI-DEVICE SUBSCRIPTION – One subscription for multiple devices – mobile or desktop.
  • HIGHEST INTEGRITY – Designed for the highest user privacy by not storing any user information on FILEBOLT™ servers, with no system back doors.
  • PASSPHRASE PROTECTION – Add or change passphrases to all bolted files in one service instead of setting/managing multiple passwords across different services, applications, or file formats.

Use cases

  • When using cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, ICloud etc.
  • When using file sharing services like We Transfer, FileShare etc.
  • When protecting confidential and valuable files like financial contracts, testaments, password lists etc.
  • When working on confidential projects and using collaboration with clients.
  • When attaching files to web based communications applications like webmail, Gmail etc.
  • When working on confidential projects.
  • When using a USB or other external hard drives that can be lost.
  • When protecting your Intellectual Property Rights.
  • To meet compliance requirements set by clients.

New features


Integrated camera on mobile

Filebolt mobile clients (iOS and Android) have now integrated camera. You can now take bolted photos and videos directly in Filebolt mobile app.


Gmail add-on

We have published new Gmail add-on for Google Chrome desktop version! You can now use Filebolt easily with Google Gmail. Read more here.


Dropbox integration

Every client has a Dropbox integration. By linking your Filebolt to your Dropbox account you can backup and restore your bolted files via Dropbox.